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Posted on June 27, 2018

What to expect when you're on the cliffs at Penny Royal

Cliff Adventures at Penny Royal Adventures

Young and old adventurers are left thrilled by the cliff adventures at Penny Royal Launceston.

Suspended high above the Penny Royal site, fixed firmly to the natural rock-cliffs is our rope bridge. Boasting unrivalled views of Launceston and the mountain range beyond, the rope bridge is just the start of your adventure. 

Guided by a member of Penny Royal Adventures staff you have the option of how you get down from the bridge: dare you take on the 20 metre-high cliff-jump or is the 100m zip-line which travels over the top of the historic village more your style? You can do all of it if you like!

Key facts about cliff adventures:

Minimum age - 7 (but 5+6 year olds can enjoy rock-climbing)

Cost - Cliff pass $39 (adults usually $59 but just $39 for a limited time)

Cliff pass includes: rope bridge cliff walk, two zip lines, the 5 storey high cliff-jump and rock-climbing!

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