Relbia Estate Wine

Posted on June 21, 2018

Made just 10 minutes from Launceston

Relbia Estate Wine Range

Renowned wine maker, Ockie Myburgh, who produces Josef Chromy Wines and has previously worked with Bay of Fires in north-east Tasmania as well as wineries around Australia, South Africa and Europe has developed the playful Relbia Estate wine brand.

Ockie strives for perfection and believes that Relbia Estate provides a unique, high quality range of wines which provide an affordable, flexible offering which can be paired to most dining experiences.

The Relbia Estate brand was born as a result of an increased demand for cool-climate wine at a lower price point than the prestigious Josef Chromy brand. With Relbia Estate being produced within the grounds of Josef Chromy vineyard, located in Relbia, Tasmania it is only premium quality grapes that go into creating every bottle.
But it is not only geography that links the Relbia Estate brand to Josef Chromy. If you look closely enough then you will notice the famous 'Lion' logo, which is synonymous with Josef Chromy vineyard, restaurant and cellar door has been re-birthed to represent the Relbia Estate brand. This recreation of the logo was born from a sovereign ring which was purchased for Chromy by his grandson. The ring was created to resemble the famous Chromy logo, but once it was pressed the lion 'popped out' and took on 3D qualities - hence, the Relbia Estate lion was born.

The Relbia Estate boasts earthy red's, fruity white's and a sparkling wine which is fit to mark any special occasion.

On Friday 27th July, Relbia Estate are hosting a wine dinner at the Penny Royal Wine Bar and Restaurant. We will be pairing stunning wines to carefully crafted dishes for your enjoyment.

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