Father's Day at Penny Royal Adventures

Posted on August 26, 2019

We're celebrating a very special father's day week for the whole family!

​Here's a spot of fun for all the family!

Enjoy your Father’s Day at Penny Royal Adventures. 

We have something exciting and fun planned for you from Saturday August 31.

The Cliff Jump is quick and a bit of fun, and it's just 20m (about 5/6 stories) from the ground. For any Dad's that are nominated by their junior to take the plunge, they can do the jump for free PLUS if they do the jump, the child also receives their choice of Cliff Pass or Park Pass valued at $39 for free too!

If the Dad in your family is also Mum then that’s ok too!

To note:
• This event is free for the jumper and child. 
• Kid’s cliff pass/park passes are valued at $39
• ONE child will receive a free pass per Dad
• 1 parent gets a free jump per family
• If the volume of people to jump exceeds our ability to service, the free pass may not be able to be redeemed on the same day. 

Every day between 11am and 3pm from Saturday August 31 through to Sunday September 8!

Let’s have a stack of great family days out 

Fathers Day